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Texas Hold'em Poker - Popular Poker Game Variant

Texas Hold'em Poker is very easy to learn especially if you are really interested in the game. This is the reason why this poker version is very popular in casinos online and offline. In this poker game, the dealer will deal 2 cards that are facing down to each player at the table. They are called hole cards and after that players will be dealt with 5 cards that are facing up. These cards are called community cards. At the end of the game, each player must try to get the best hand out of their seven cards.

The Entire Process

On the first round of making bets, players will be given two faced down cards. There are three facing up cards that will be placed at the center of the table. You can use these cards and every player at the table can make their hands stronger. Betting round is done right after this. You will get the fourth card facing down and betting will start again. They are also known as turn cards or Fourth Street. The final card is dealt in the middle of the table and after that last round, betting will occur. The ultimate card is known as river card. All players will be given an option to either bet, check, raise or fold.

All players at the left side of the dealer are called small blind and big blind refers to the players at the farthest position. If you want to enter the hand, then you need to call the big blind to stay within the game. If not, then you need to fold. A player that holds the best hand will win the game and get the pot. In case of a tie, winning players need to split the pot money.

Betting Types

You will find myriad of betting types as you play Texas Holdem Poker. As you play Limit Holdem, the amount of the bet is limited to the amount that is specified at the beginning of the game. With big hand and small hand, there is a particular amount that they can bet during the first 2 round of betting. After that, succeeding betting will be raised in particular increments. There is Spread Limit Holdem Poker which is similar to Limit Holdem, but they differ in one thing. The raising bet will not be made according to a particular amount. It depends on the spread.

There is Pot Limit Holdem, which is another type of betting. It has a limitation on the maximum amount of bet of a player. With this game structure, a player will not be able to exceed to the total amount of the winning pot. The last but not the least is the no limit betting. As its name implies, it has no limitation to the amount that a player can bet or raise. This can be very difficult for players as they only depend on the size of bet to guess that strength of the hand of each player around the table. There is no way that a player can predict the one holding a strong or weak hand.

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