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Poker Card Marking - Cheating for Winning

Some players are not interested in mastering poker game, because they are into mastering different ways of how they can cheat. You will find diverse guides online that can teach you how to do these cheats. Experienced and seasoned poker players know how these cheats works. They make themselves aware of these cheats in order to protect themselves from players who are planning to sabotage a clean game. They keep on updating themselves to newer methods of cheating. There are websites that can help novice players to learn more about these cheats as well as books and educational movies.

Objective of Card Marking

Players who mastered the art of cheating already have skills when it comes to marking of cards. The objective of this cheat is for other players not to notice the mark that you have placed into the card. It can be achieved by marking cards using different methods that are not noticeable by ordinary players. If you are a novice player with not enough knowledge about this cheat, then there is no way for you to can notice this mark. For professional and seasoned players, it is very easy to spot a mark no matter how small it is.

Methods of Marking Cards

Cheaters know cards that play an important role within the game and they can identify it by marking the cards. They can put a mark on any card that they want. With the use of a very slight bend into the card it can be used as an identifying mark. You will find diverse methods of marking a card.

  • The first one is shading.
  • They will try to put shades in some parts of the cards.

  • The next one is nicking.
  • This is done by cutting a very small portion of the card without the dealer and other players knowing it. It can be done with the use of your nail. Nicking can be done several times for different cards. The success of this cheat depends on the skill and experience of the player doing it. You can also do nicking on the same card several times.

  • Daubing is another marking method.
  • You can use it with the help of an ink or dauber. You can make a mark with this substance on the side or anywhere you want. You can also do side crimping using thumb nail mark. Experienced cheater has the ability to mark several cards all at once while shuffling the cards. You can easily identify such mark as you play poker.

Poker card marking was used by many players, but the affectivity of the cheat reduces as many players discovered and learned these cheats. Once you learn about this cheat, then you can apply it for your next game or use it to find cheaters. It is important that you learn how to apply such cheat without being caught. The truth is that cheating also requires experience, skill and intelligence because you need to analyze if it is the best time to apply the cheat or not. You cannot use this cheat to every poker game.

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