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Control Upon the Size of Bets

Many players make the common mistake of either over betting, or under betting in a game of poker.  It is especially true for new players that are just starting to get their feet wet.  It by far is the hardest skill in poker that is going to have to learn.  The great news is that once you find out what to bet, you are pretty much home free for the rest of the journey.  How successful that you are in poker, will sourly rest on this important skill.  The best way for you to pick up on the variations of the size of bets, is to practice and pay close attention to your own personal mistakes.

How to Size Bets

Bet sizing is the factor that is very responsible for bad judgment, in the game of poker.  If you are trying to improve your poker playing ability, then you need to watch your use of betting strategy carefully.  Poker players in general, have devised a plan of attach that they use when they are getting ready to place a bet.  The easiest way for me to explain it is with an example.  If you are sitting at a poker table, and you get dealt QK as your holding cards, then you should know that a bet is looming.  In this position there are two effective ways that you can place a bet.  The first way is to come over the top of the other players.  With any raise, you have to consider the size of the existing pot at the poker table.  Here we are going to pretend, that the pot size is one hundred dollars.  A standard raise at the table is going to be at least half of the pot size.  This means that you are going to raise the other players, by at least fifty dollars.  If you are a more aggressive player then you might choose to go all in, but you have to way the odds of the hand carefully ahead of time.  The other method that you can choose to bet is the stall (also known as the slow play).  Many players will attempt to bluff the others into thinking that their hand is weak, by simply calling the bet here.  Caution must be shown in this mode of attach, because there is a chance that you can get beat on the flop.  Remember as you are deciding to place a bet, that there are other players at the table that would love to take you down.

Decide on Your Goal

One of the best things that you can consider before a bet is your goal.  In poker, keeping your eye on the prize is the key to your success at the table.  Make sure that your goal is to win. To be successful in card play (in blackjack for example) it is very important.  You never want to have expectations that are to low.  If you have taken the time to study the sizing charts that are available to players in poker, then you are going to be fine.  Just make sure that you make a smart choice, based upon the information that you have been given.

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