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Poker Cheating - General Overview

Poker has been an enticing card game for it can be very profitable. You can play it with a group of friends, at the casino, and online. Whichever way you prefer, poker can involve money and because of that, there are some players who are thinking of poker cheats to win over the competition and earn the pot. Since it can be played online as well, there are cheats in online poker and at a real brick and mortar game.


In a real game there are various ways to cheat. Collusion is a common way for players to have advantage over a game. This process involves agreement of two or more persons that are in an open game, to conspire together and eventually gain something. Basically, collusion can happen when two or more players connive together and have more advantage over the other players. In online poker, collusion can also be possible and is hard to trace when done well. In traditional poker, simply knowing the cards of other players can already give you an advantage for you may know when to fold or calculate your odds.

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of hand is also called quick fingers, which is a group of tricks played by a magician to work over cards and coins secretly. In poker, it can be done by manipulating the cards in a deck. There are skilled players who are able to do this and they have a special technique of holding a deck. Sleight of hand can also be done in poker by dealing the bottom card instead of the one on top; or through a cold deck, which means a preset deck that replaced the deck in use.

Non-skilled cheats

Cheats can be done by constant practice of skills. But there are common ways that show cheating using no skills at all. Examples include shorting the pot money, peaking at the opponent’s cards and non-paying of house fees. Several ways to cheat also include palming chips to be given to the winner by using adhesives, and removing some chips while staying in the game.

Online Cheating

Online poker also has noted cheats. Today, it can be done by the use of bots. Since online poker is exposed to human intervention, these bots are program that do the playing instead of a real human. Collusion can take place when players try to call each other or exchange messages to discuss their cards. It can also happen when a player uses multiple computers to have multiple hands on the same table using different names.

Data mining is also common online method of cheating. This is the process of an organized collecting of previous hands, which are enough to profile a competitor. This is made possible by special software. Online casino may be more exposed to cheating because especially when software poker is used, for it can be preprogrammed to win as much money from victims, or enable another person to view the cards. In fact, there are already existing cases wherein poker software faces scandalous incidents and lawsuits.

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