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Shiner Poker Method - How It Works

Cheating can always happen in poker, so you need to become aware what other players do to cheat within the game. If you know what shiner poker method is, then you can save yourself from heartache and you can also protect your money. If you will play inside a reputable casino or poker room, then there is a very little chance to be cheated. If you are a regular poker player, then there is a huge chance that you have been cheated. You can stay away from cheat if you know what to look at. The most common cheat that you will encounter are chip stealing, collusion, card flashing or shiner and shorting.

Protection from Cheats

It is good to know that there are modern surveillance that reputable casino used in order to catch cheaters. A shiner is a reflective with the ability to see cards holding by other players and the dealer. Like ring and things that shine with ability to create reflection. This will enable the player to view the face of cards of other players. If you want to prevent this kind of trick from victimizing you, then you should avoid playing in small poker rooms and opt for legal poker rooms. Bigger casinos have professional and honest dealers, rules and regulations to follow, new deck of cards and they have so called eyes in the sky. They can see everything that is going around the casino. However, cheating can still happen and flashing as well as collusion is your worst enemies.

How Shiner Method Works

Flashing is what its name implies. Wise dealers will use a cut at the bottom of the card to avoid exposing cards. Unfortunately, there are sloppy card dealers. There is a chance that players can view the bottom cards. Dealers can burn cards in between dealing, but you need to watch out for flashing to ensure that there are no cards that will be exposed.

The problem starts at the delivery of the cards. There is a certain seat or position around the table that is ideal for card flashing and when a wise player sense that he or she is in the right position, then they can do card flashing with the use of a shiner. It can happen as the dealer keeps cards too high during process of dealing. With just a little mark that is exposed, he unintentionally can provide a certain player an advantage over other players. This is the reason why you need to always keep your eyes open.

How to Recognize a Cheater

If you see players wearing rings or different flashing items around their body, then it means that they are planning to cheat. Casinos and poker rooms does not permit wearing flashing items while on the game. They can confiscate these items or you can be disqualified within the game if you do not want to take these items off. Knowing more about different cheats used in poker game can save your money. Poker is a very exciting casino game and can give huge amount of pot money, so every player will do their best to get the winning pot.

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