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Texas Poker Online Info

Weiser Poker Club welcomes you at the pages of, the best online poker guide for players. History of our club has started in 2003, and today the number of our members can surprise everyone with european roulette online free. But the main advantage of our club is not the number of members, but the support we offer to them. We know the importance of sharing experience among gamblers and understand how useful it can be for players to know how other play poker. We frequently hold meetings during which we not only play poker, but also some of other casino games and this allows us to master our skills and game proficiency.

As most of our members prefer to play poker online, we think that the idea to create a website to be always in touch with them is a perfect one. Moreover, this site can be useful for players who are not members of any poker club and just want to find some information about playing poker. Here we cover not only some basic materials on playing poker, but also give the recommendations on online gambling. For example, you will be able to read about live online casino gambling and mobile gambling, discover new games, and get acquainted with the secrets of successful online gambling.

We welcome anyone who would like to join us, and we promise that you will not regret becoming a member of our club. So now let us discuss what you can get at this particular website, as now is it more important than counting achievements of our club. Here we go!

Poker Guide

It is not easy to play poker, though some players think that this game is rather easy and all you need to do is to learn rules. But if you saw at least one movie about poker, you’ve probably noticed, that the world “bluff” was used there many time. In fact, bluffing is what makes poker so complicated to win.

All the casino guides state, if you want to win money prize in poker game, you need to be good in player’s psychology. The matter is that there are several betting rounds and during each of these rounds player can leave the game if he thinks that his hand is too weak to win the game.

Bluffing is the integral part of any poker game, no matter which of them you would prefer to play – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, etc. But to sometimes it is better to avoid bluffing especially when you play against the professionals, because they can easily detect you and you will hardly be able to continue game successfully.

We recommend that you play a couple of games for free before you start to play for money. Luckily, most of the gambling houses have the free to play options so you can choose them and enjoy the game you want. It’s a great way to add some fresh excitement to your game and it’s easy to play for free, as you do not think about money you lose. There are also other casino games that you can play for free: roulette, slots, poker and many others. All of them have their own pros and cons you can value.

You can also try to play scratch cards and lottery for free, though we think that these games are better to play for money, as you should not place huge stakes (usually ticket costs a couple of dollars) and the chances to win are pretty high. Besides, there are no complicated rules and some hidden strategies to play these games, so it will be easy for you to play them, and you will have some rest from tensed poker game play.

But let’s go back to poker. As you understand this game is played everywhere and you may find it at any online casino. Taking into consideration the fact that poker is popular all over the world, regional gambling houses also provide their visitors with highest choice of poker variations. For example, in casino online Australia you will find the same poker games that are presented in US casinos. But there will be some differences in the way the games are called. In Royal Vegas casino, for example, all slot machines are called pokies. Remember this information if once you would like to have some rest from poker and play pokies. It is easy to play this game, just push the spin button and wait for the win-bringing combination. Some of them can bring you a couple of millions of dollars if you are lucky enough to hit a progressive jackpot.

Keep in mind that slots, or pokies australia can be of different types. Here we do not provide such detailed information on this game, and if you want to find information about it, you’d better find a slot machine guide, as is devoted to poker!

Blackjack Betting Systems

If you strictly play basic strategies when it comes to intercasino blackjack and other online blackjack, what method could you put to use to improve your chances of winning? Here are the top 3 blackjack betting systems you should take a look at.

Players Only

Players Only (US players accepted)

OFFER: Up to $650 free based on deposit and then 100% on all future deposits.


Titan Poker

Titan Poker

OFFER: Up to $200 free based on deposit and then 50% on all future deposits.



PokerStars (US players accepted)

OFFER: Up to $50 free based on deposit and then 100% on all future deposits.


Full Tilt

Full Tilt (US players accepted)

OFFER: Up to $600 free based on deposit and then 100% on all future deposits.