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Learn about Legendary Poker Players

Each and every sports and games which are played worldwide would have its superstars and poker is a game which is considered to be with no exception. But every now and then there would be some poker legendary players who make are famous all over the world and prove the fact that poker game is not just about luck but skill as well. These players have been proving consistently that they make load of money on any game and hence have taken their rightful place in the world as one among the legendary players of the world. Check out right now to play poker and start your own way to be a poker star.

Legendary Poker Players' Hall of Fame

If you look at the hall of fame of poker you will see there some names and biographies of poker players as well as different facts concerning poker games that would drop your jaws for a long time. In some cases it would be very hard to believe but it’s true. Let us know about some of the poker legendary players.

Information on Legendary Poker Players

Doyle Brunson is one of the most successful and professional poker legendary players. Doyle is considered to be called with the nickname Texas Dolly. Doyle was found to be raising the stakes of the game even while other top players were in their dippers. During the year of 1950’s, due to a leg injury teenage Brunson has to be laid up. This was the time he spent to learn the tricks of one of the most popular poker, Texas hold’em. He is considered as the very first player to win a $1 million in any poker tournament conducted so far.

John Bonetti, one of the poker legendary players was found to have started the game at the age of 54. He started his profession poker game during the year of 1980’s. His total carrier winnings have been estimated about $2.1 million so far.

Johnny Chan is called as Michael Jordan of poker. He is one of the top poker legendary players. Johnny Chan dropped out of school when he realized that his future was in poker. He made his name in the world of poker in 1980’s. He has made so many name by winning plenty of World Series. He has been tied with Doyle Brunson for winning more number of victories of world tournament in the history.

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