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Online Poker Cheat Methods

If you are a poker player and you think you are prepared to cheat to win, then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with helpful tips of how you can cheat in poker game. You might be wondering if other players are also cheating or not. Well, a lot of players must have thought about cheating but they don’t know the proper techniques to do that without being discovered by the dealer and the entire casino management staff.

Do Gamers Cheat?

Yes, they do. A lot of players always cheat playing poker. There is millions of swapping hands everyday via online poker and dishonest cheaters would like a piece of action involved in the game and winning too. If you are trying to convince yourself that no one really cheats during online poker game, you are just doing a wishful thinking.

Ways to Cheat Online

There are different methods of cheating online especially in casino games. There are varieties of methods, some are aggressive while some are not but all of these methods are still cheating and all of them can be used in a poker online.

  1. Use of cheating software
  2. A lot of players use cheating software and this helps in giving you an advantage over your opponents, but of course, it’s unfair for them because you can know their hands. A lot of the software types are illegal and you need to look for one that you can use effectively.

  3. Conspiracy
  4. This happens when 2 or more players work together to beat other players at the table. This is very usual practice, and this is what the casino staff always worry about especially when they thought of cheating in an online poker game.

  5. Numerous accounts
  6. A player can use numerous accounts in a single tournament. This is one of the most widely spread process in cheating though a lot of novice players don’t know about this yet.

  7. Use of poker bots
  8. These are automated machines that decide and act for the gamer in an online poker game. These are pre-programmed software that plays on behalf of the player though they are present in the poker game too.

  9. Selling of accounts
  10. It happens when a player sells his seat in the latter part of the game to a professional player who has bigger chances of winning. There are lots of cases reported that players especially novice ones are selling their seats which in fact is the violation of the rules of online poker sites. There are big names involved in this type of cheating already.

Now you know that people really do to cheat in a poker game, but you shouldn’t stop or withdraw your account in an online site just because other players cheat. You cannot control others to continue what they think is right for them besides, people have always been cheating in poker. But learning all these cheating methods can be of help to you simply because you now know some tactics that others involve to win so now you can protect your game from poker cheats and you can play in a more secure manner as well.

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