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Poker Collusion - Cheating Method Details and Facts.

Poker collusion can happen both in online and offline poker. There are lots of talks about different cheating methods used in poker. Collusion is between two or more people doing something unlawful. This is one of the most common cheat that you can encounter while playing poker. This cheat is not easy to trace, so you need to be very careful especially if you are a new player. You can easily learn collusion by reading different websites that can teach you how to do it, but you should not try it as you may ruin everybody’s game.

Collusion in Online Casinos

Collusion can also be applied while playing online poker. It will take place when one player will share his or her cards with another player. They will assist one another in order to make better preferences. If there are six players playing around a poker table and three of them are in collusion, then they will surely get huge amount of money. These players know exactly what they need to do and they will keep a close look to all possible benefits that they can get from the table. You can stay away from being cheated by players in collusion, if you will play in online casino, though you can never avoid this situation.

If there are players playing online poker collusion, then they need to communicate with each other with the use of mobile phones or chatting. Nobody can check on them, so they can freely do it. Unfortunately, you cannot stay away from collusion even if you will play online poker. There are times when a player is using two or more computers in order to play multiple hands on the same table. This method of cheating online is very difficult to track down and players using the advantage of technology to get the winning pot.

Protect Yourself from Cheaters

In case you suspect that you are playing in a poker where players are doing collusion, then you can report it immediately to the officers present in the poker room. In case of online poker, then you can send an email to the concerned website. The website will be the one to take some action in order to prevent such activity. It is good to know that you will find software that can detect online collusion.

Pros and Cons of Collusion

Players using this cheat will lose more money or they will win less money as they are not very focused on the game. It is even more dangerous if they are playing in escalate pots. Poker rooms and sites can now easily detect such cheat with the help of automatic as well as manual reviews. Players who want to do collusion while playing online poker must stay connected and organized. In case one player forgets to take his or her turn for all players within the game, then collusion detection software can detect them. Websites have access to all folded hands. They can easily check if there are players doing collusion. Any form of cheating is not good and it does not have great results in the end. Even if you have successfully applied the cheat once, it does not mean that you can do it again and again.

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