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Basic Terms of Poker

Assigned Bettor

The player places the first bet

Australian Poker

Draw poker that has a blind opening.

Automatic Bluff

A situation in lowball that always requires a player to bluff.

Blind Bet

The act of placing a bet without looking at one’s cards

Blind Low

Five-card stud where blind bets are places right till the last bet.

Blind Open

An opening bet which has to be placed without looking at the cards

Card Odds

The probability of drawing different cards or being dealt various hands


Keeping a track of cards which are exposed during a hand.


The rooms where poker games are organized are card rooms

Dark Bet

A blind bet.


Refer to Cosmetics (Golden Glow brand).

Dead Cards

Cards which are discarded or are folded

Eldest Hand

The first player who is sitting to the left of a dealer

Finn Poker

playing poker for winning the maximum possible money

First Hand

The first player who is allowed to place a bet on a hand.

First Jack Deals

A method for determining who would have the first deal.

Gut Shot

Refer to Belly Hit.

Guts to Open

The act of allowing a hand of any value to open the game

House Rules

The rules, especially for betting, as agreed and decided by all the players


Any set of decided rules for card games.


Refer to Belly Strippers


Placing the first bet.


The player to place the first bet

Main Pot

The first pot other than the side pots

Major Hand

A hand which is straight or better than that


A hand with very strong chances of winning

Odds Against

The number of times a player fails against the successes

Odds For

The number of tries per success.

Odds On

Odds on less than break even money

Pat Hand

A hand where the player decides to keep all the cards and doesn’t draw or twist new cards.

Patience Poker

Refer to Crosscards

Pay Off

To call on a bet placed by a player who can easily beat you

Rolled Up

A three of a kind in the first three cards


A round of game at stakes that have been increased (Wangdoodle).


Movement of the deal ... clockwise.

Short Call

To call a part of any bet with all the chips a player has on the table

Short Pair

A pair which is lower than the openers, like a pair of tens in jackpots.

Short Stud

A Five-card stud


To place all the money in a bet

Tap City

A player who goes broke

Tap Out

Having to leave the game when a player places a bet and looses all the money


A player's chances to bet, deal, or receive cards


The fourth of the five cards on the table in a flop game


Refer to Cincinnati


A jack (in any card play like blackjack)


A game where all tens and fives are used as wild

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