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Guide to Easy Poker Rules

There are diverse variants of poker that you need to know and each one of them has its own poker rules. You will encounter written or unwritten rules which are known as poker etiquettes that are generally accepted by all poker players. If you are aware of poker basics, then you will gain better understanding of the game. You will appreciate and enjoy the game more. Successful poker players always master the basic of poker first right before they go into much deeper understanding of poker strategies. The following are basic poker rules that you need to understand for a better play.

Rules for Cards

No matter what poker variant you want to play, you will play using single deck of cards. It is imperative to make sure that you use a deck of card that is free from any fold as well as distinct marks. Any marked card will give a player an advantage. The cards will be dealt in clockwise motion for both players and the dealer.

Rules of Poker Hands

All throughout the poker game, you need to hold your cards and this is known as poker hand. The main objective of the game is to make sure that your hand is the best hand among other players. You need to know that there are two ways of how you can achieve the best hand. First is to know the set hand hierarchy. Secondly is to make other players think that you are holding the best hand. You need to bluff your way to reach the victory. However, it can be very dangerous especially for first time players, but it is vital for you to win the game.

Poker Rules for Check, Bet & Fold

These rules will help you to know what to do when it is your turn. In case you need to go first or nobody bets before you, then you can either check or bet. If you will check, then you should not bet for any chips and pass it to the next player. If you want to bet, then you can put chips in the middle of the table and set a standard for other players.

In case you are not the first player to act within the game, then there are three options for you. First is to fold. This is if you do not want to match the bet of the previous player. Next is to call or to check. If a player has a bet, then you can match the chip that has been placed by the previous player. You can also check if there is no previous bet. Lastly, you can do this by matching previous bet and put more chips.

These poker rules seem daunting at first, but as you play the game you will surely remember each poker rule. You need to master these rules if you want to advance your level in playing poker. All successful poker players have mastered these rules and use as advantage or defense against bad players.

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