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Blackjack - Top 3 Betting Systems to Use for Better Profit

In a nutshell, betting systems are methods of applying money management in gambling in order to maximize your overall profits. Regardless of which method or technique you use to gain an advantage on blackjack tables, you will lose if you do not know about proper money management.

If you strictly play basic strategies when it comes to blackjack, what method could you use to improve your chances of winning? Here are the top 3 blackjack betting systems you should take a look at.

Martingale System

Invented more than two centuries ago, this betting system tells players to double their bets whenever they lose, assuming that they will win eventually and get profits from their original bets.

However, casinos already have limits on tables to get rid of this betting system’s effectiveness. After long losing streaks, you might therefore hit the maximum of the table and defeat the betting system’s purpose. Additionally, a significant bankroll amount would be required in order to effectively put this system to use, making the payoffs less than worthwhile. If you end up losing various hands in a row, it would therefore be smarter to leave the table instead of doubling your bets. Splits or double downs could deplete your entire bankroll in no time without you even noticing it.

Progressive Betting System – Level 2

This betting system is the most basic one to use but is still very effective. In order to make use of this system, just choose a maximum and a minimum bet and bet your minimum bet after losing and your maximum bet after winning.

This betting system is very basic, yet very solid at the same time.

Progressive Betting System – Level 5

This betting system is also basic and effective. For example, if you are playing $5, your levels of betting should be at $5, 10, 15, and 25. Begin with your bet of $5 and go onto the following level after winning. If a hand is lost, go back to your $5 bet. If you end up winning four times in a row, drop back to your $5 bet again.

This betting system is very rewarding whenever you go through winning streaks, and losing streaks will never kill you. If you lose the first three times and win the next three times, an initial bet of $5 will still put you ahead by $15 after those six hands. On the other hand, you would only be even if you bet equal amounts on every hand.

Take note that these progressive betting systems could fail if you go through a win, lose, win, lose, win, lose kind of scenario. Within such cases, it would always be better to just bet equal amounts on every hand. But if you really want to try and get the most profits when it comes to winning streaks, you need to take risks. Fortunately, blackjack’s nature comes with frequent occurrences of winning and losing streaks, so progressive betting systems could really make the most out of your profits.


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