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Strip Poker - Game for Adults

If you are thinking of a poker party at home, a strip poker is such an ideal one game for it. Strip poker party is a type of traditional poker game with one detail which makes it enormously popular among players. In this game, the player will take off the clothes every time that they lose a round. Any type of poker game can be transformed into a strip poker game. On the other hand, the players can play using a simple variant using few betting techniques around like 4 card draw, block and others. It’s up to you to decide who will join the game; it can be singled sex individuals or mixed sex individuals in a group. Strip poker is game for having fun and to add excitement into the party running. It helps in generating the atmosphere and it also helps in lightening up the mood of everyone in the game.

Block Betting in Strip Poker

Though there are individuals who tend to heightened up the ambience by doing a strip poker with an escort service or doing it in an adult party game and introducing different sexual activity within the game. Anyway, strip poker is not just about some naked players, that is first of all poker game with authentic rules which can be combined from different game variants, but still strict and stiff. If you will play block betting with strip poker, it is also possible because you can implement additional rules to introduce strip poker to the players. Block betting is done to prevent from other players from making huge bet that you cannot call by making small bet. There are two possible scenarios that can happen as you do block betting. First is if you will draw a flush and the other one is when you have a good card, but not the best hand and you want to prevent other players from making a bet that you do not wish for a call. As you can see, you can only make use of the block bet in case you are out of position or you are the first to act.

Bluffing - Confuse Your Tablemates

It is important to be very careful when placing a small bet because you should not place a very small bet. This will give you the chance to take a glimpse of the next card for lesser chips. By doing this, you can confuse your opponents because he or she will wonder what you really have. You can put your opponent in the position where he or she cannot do anything but raise big. If you will get a jack or a six, then you will probably win.

Strip Poker as a Perfect Party Game

Strip poker maybe introduced to a party for fun so those who intend to mix it up with a costume party can also do that to make the occasion fun filled and memorable too. Poker party idea will add up to the excitement of the event and it will make the ambience in a party full of fun and excitement. Everyone will surely love and enjoy such type of party and poker game at the same time with the introduction of strip poker in the game. Not a lot of people know about strip poker so introducing it to people will truly be exciting and fun filled as well.

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