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Poker History - How It All Started

There are different kinds of poker games that have been played for many years, but the game has changed since the introduction of online technology. It has changed the landscape of poker and how this game is played in the Internet dimension. Land based casinos are trying to prevent its expansion to the World Wide Web to retain their players and to keep them coming to their land based casinos. This is especially true in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City where abundant numbers of casino are located everywhere.

New Era of Poker Game

Many players found convenience in playing poker inside the comfort of their own home. They realized that online casino can offer to all players who want to play poker, but do not want to travel. Also, online casinos do not require players to pay for every single service or good which is offered there. With the introduction of free poker games, more players have been interested in playing online than in land based casinos.

First Steps

The game was mentioned in 1829, when Joseph Crowell and English actor encountered this game where deck of 20 cards was used by players to play a game. This is when players made their bets and they tried to guess which player holds the best hand. It was in 1843 when Jonathan H. Green wrote a book and published it that is entitled “An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling”. The book tells about how poker game spread from the riverboats on Mississippi in New Orleans. This game was very popular in this part of the United States that time and it can only be found at the riverboats of the Mississippi river. As this game spread worldwide, the rules were change to a deck of 52 cards and some new details appeared to make it more interesting as well as more complicated.

Appearance of New Variations

Modern poker game variants were invented throughout American Civil War like 5 stud poker and draw poker. This is also the era when straight was introduced into the game. It was in 1975 when wild cards were used within the game. There are researches that tell how U.S. military became responsible for the introduction of poker all over Asia. Poker is an important part of American history and terms used for poker has even added to standard American English. People can use all of these jargons even if you have not played this game before. If you have called anyone a bluff, then you are already using a poker term. And do you remember that word combination "poker face''? This example is obvious!

First Poker Tournaments

It was 1970 when the very first World Series of Poker was played and it popularized poker tournament and it is now being played in almost all American casinos. This is also the year when lots of serious poker books were published to help many players. Online poker has made poker game very popular in recent years. Even people who have not played poker in land based casinos before and encouraged to try online poker because of its convenience. Today, poker is considered as a kind of sport.

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