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All About Poker Chips

Any poker player can become an avid poker chips collector. It all begins as they start to hunt for the perfect chips to use for their own poker game that they want to host inside their own home. As you research for the best poker chips, you will discover that there are many styles for these chips. There is a chance to get genuine poker chips even without going to a real land based casinos. This is when you will discover that some of these chips are great pieces of collectibles. This is also the time when you can become a collector.

Reasons to Become a Collector

People want to collect things because of their sentimental value. A particular poker chips can take you back to a memorable poker game or event. If you have experienced a tour to the MGM in Las Vegas, then you can get a poker chips to remember this important part of your life. If you have held your very first Straight Flush or Royal Flush, then you may want to get that specific poker chip. This might not seem valuable for others, but its sentimental value makes it very precious and valuable for you.

If you have won in a tournament, then you will surely keep its poker chip. Some poker players are not aware that they are already collecting a lot of poker chips. You can become a poker chips collector even if you do not want, you just once realize that you have really huge number of different poke chips from different game events and casinos. Other interesting chips to collect are those with rich history behind it. It is best if you can get poker chips that have been used in the past like the one made of ivory and bones.

Poker Player is not Equal to Chips Collector

You can become a collector of poker chips even if you are not playing poker.If you are an avid fan of poker game and you are interested in watching a poker tournament, then you might become interested in collecting colorful poker chips. Collecting chips is another way for people to express their love for the game. Every player has a gambling instinct and it also brings out the hunter inside them. Looking for memorable chips is like hunting for treasures.

Types of Poker Chips

If you really want to collect these chips, then you need to become aware of the different types of poker chips.

  • You will find one made of plastic material. This type of chips is available in red, blue and white color. It can be found anywhere, especially online and this is the cheapest poker chip. Its look and feel is not that good.
  • The second is the one made of composite clay. This is made up of plastic, clay and a metal insert to provide weight. This is the closet types of chips to real or genuine casino poker chips. You do not have to spend huge amount of money in buying these chips.
  • The king of all poker chips is the one made of clay. This is the kind of chips that casinos in Las Vegas used. You can acquire quality in this type of chips. This is not actually made up of clay as it is made of clay as well as other materials to create a durable poker chips.

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