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Online Poker in USA and Canada

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In USA and Canada poker is one of the most loved games. People there love play poker everywhere, and online gambling became just a new way to enjoy favourite game playing against more professional players than their friends. Most players from other countries are sure, that it is easier for US and Canadian players to find a place where they can play poker. Is that true?

Casinos Accepting Foreign Players

Today you will find a lot of online gambling houses that welcome players from all over the world. It seems that really anyone can play there, but in some cases the truth is really shocking – they accept player from all over the world, except for players from US. Of course, there are also many places which allow only US player to play there, as well as there are casinos which offer games for players form different countries and forbid to gamble UK residents, for example. Canadian players don’t have such problem in most cases – they are welcome almost in every online casino around the world.

Online Poker in USA – Legal or Not?

This is probably one of those questions that are interesting to many gamblers. It is known that gambling and United States are closely connected, mainly due to Las Vegas and Nevada state in general. Gambling is totally legalized there and you can play slot machines at the airports even! But what is the situation with online gambling, especially with online poker gambling?

In most states gambling is prohibited. Even online poker. Though, many players feel absolutely safe playing online. There is a number of sites that are blocked, but there are also those which continue to offer gambling services. Still, online poker is absolutely legal in some states.

September, 2013 became a month that brought a lot of changes to online poker games. The matter is that three states declared online poker absolutely legal to enjoy. Among them there are Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. What can it bring to players? With legalization of online poker they can be sure that they are really protected by the law when they play online. It means that in case of fraud or scam they can absolutely legally handle this issue in court. That will decrease the number of casinos that cheat players.

Online poker in Canada

Canadian legislation forbids the operation of casino establishments on Canadian soil. However, that doesn’t include online casinos, as they can be physically located outside Canadian borders. Playing poker if perfectly legal though and many people in Canada take advantage of this fact, enjoying occasional game or two.

Future of Online Poker Gambling

No one knows for sure what will be the future of online poker games in USA. But taking into account changes that happened recently, we may admit that it probably will be bright. When online poker games will be legalised in all states, it will make the situation with gambling better, as more reliable places will appear.

For online casinos the legalisation of online poker games may not be so bright and promising, as more restrictions will be put on them. Taxes is just a small parts casino owners will face with.

In conclusion we would like to say the following: online poker is loved not only by American players, but by players from other countries as well. We hope that measures which were taken by American authorities to insure safety of online poker gambling will be taken at all countries all over the world.

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